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Asterisk (Dedicated Server)
Configuration assistance$15/hr

Local DID Cost
Toll Free DID Cost$1.25
Local DID Minute Rate - Inbound$0.012
Toll Free Minute Rate - Inbound$0.0195
Local and TF outbound$0.0098
International DID Cost$18.99
vFax Services$12.95
E911 Registration$1.25
Line Porting (LNP)$10.00

What is SIP?

Current SIP Service Rates

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Metric Infinity Solutions Hosted PBX Servers

We partner with several VoIP companies to offer the best rates in SIP services. We offer SIP trunks that allow for unlimited call paths and you are billed per minute of use. This allows for the maximum amount of scalability for your business. You will not be charged by user seat.

Creating a SIP trunk is very easy with Metric Infinity. You will need the following to establish your trunk(s).

  • A VoIP PBX server that can accept SIP connections over port 5060 UDP.
  • A static IP public address for your VoIP server.
  • A major credit card for funding the trunk.

To establish trunk services, click below to start. You will have to create an account and verify your credit card by allowing us to authorize a small transaction of less than $3.00. Once you verify the exact amount that was deducted from your card, it will then authorize a $10.00 initial fill. You can set your own refill thresholds with minimums of $5.00.

You can then start your trunk and assign DIDs, and operate using the rates listed above. It's that easy!

Of course, you can call us at (512) 591-1264 for any assistance you may need.

Current PBX Hosting Rates

Metric Infinity partners with Amazon Web Services to bring you low cost virtual hosted Digium Asterisk servers with FreePBX installed. This versatile phone server is perfect for any small to mid-size business. Its hosted fashion allows for extensions located across different offices as well. This can eliminate the need for having servers located in each branch location that you may have.

If you chose to implement a phone server through Metric Infinity, please contact us at (512) 591-1264. We will gather your information and build out your server with SIP services already attached.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is the signalling protocol that can be used over the internet that allows VoIP services to be established between the phone company and your VoIP server.

There are different types of SIP services. The most common type of SIP service is direct internet hand-off. This means that you can configure a SIP trunk that is dedicated to your phone VoIP server by its public IP address. Once this trunk is established, then your phone server can access the outside world. Your phones register to your VoIP server, and you can begin making calls.

METRIC INFINITY SOLUTIONS knows that information services is more than just fixing workstations. We  work with our clients to build complete IT solutions.

Metric Infinity Solutions SIP Services

VoIP Telephony Services and SIP Trunk Services

If you are a customer that needs professional help in getting your phone services up and running, Metric Infinity Solutions would be happy to assist you.

We can provision your PBX server and your SIP services, port any existing phone numbers that you may already have, and give you options on phones that will best serve your business and your users.

Give us a call at (512) 591-1264 to get a consultation and we will determine what path is best for you.

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm CST 
Saturdays & Sundays by appointment.

Dedicated virtual Asterisk servers allow customers to customize their PBX solution to meet their unique needs. There are no per-extension fees. SIP services from Metric Infinity include unlimited concurrent call paths and are billed per minute of usage.

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