IT Service Consulting

What we can offer

We understand that large companies have dedicated IT staff available to solve their technology needs. Small businesses sometimes do not have the resources to develop and employ your own IT people. Usually, you would employ or have on hand an "IT guy" to solve your issues. While the term may be accurate, it really is a crude way to hand your information technology services, especially when sensitive and critical applications or data is concerned.

Unlike an "IT guy", Metric Infinity will serve as your professional technological point of contact. We will take the time to become familiarize ourselves with your business and your practices, and will recommend complete and economically feasible solutions to meet almost any of your needs.

Contact Information

METRIC INFINITY SOLUTIONS knows that information services is more than just fixing workstations. We  work with our clients to build complete IT solutions.

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm CST 
Saturdays & Sundays by appointment.

Mission Statement

Application Server Hosting

Metric Infinity can host almost any type of software on reliable cloud servers on Amazon EC2 Computing platform. If you do not have the resources to host your own physical servers, we can help establish a cost-effective virtual solution to your server needs.

Hardware is very expensive, not to mention the administrative overhead to operate a server room, fix broken servers or hard drives, figure out power supplies and backups, etc. Metric Infinity can help bridge that gap and get your business off to a good and secure start.

Metric Infinity can assist with the following technological needs:

  • Managed Services
  • Networking and Workstation support
  • Application Hosting or Virtual Servers
  • IT Backup Solutions
  • Database management solutions
  • Microsoft Small Business Server Care
  • Cloud Services such as Office 365, AWS, etc.
  • Assistance with payment services or point of sale
  • Project Management for new endeavors